The League of Friends Heatherwood
61 Years of Friendship

League of Friends Farewell in 2019

Established in 1958

It is with some sadness we announce the closure of our charity this year, In more recent times the "League" has been more of an administering charity for it's funds we hold, The hospital wards and departments reducing over the years, the need for some of our services rendered these redundant, leaving us with less to fund raise with and for.

Currently we run the laundry at Willow house in the Staff Residences, it provides around three thousand pounds a year after all the costs to run it are paid, Gas, Water etc. Originally in Heatherwood House, it has been providing some of our funds since the 70's. The Volunteers and the League itself cost of running is very minimal.

There now being only 6 members left and a majority the wrong side of 80, it has been decided to handover the laundry to Metropolitan Thames Valley and their suppliers, with effect of 1st April 2019, thus clearing the way for our charity to close.

The way our charity was set up 1958, we are now not in a position to meet the needs of the new Heatherwood Hospital in the future, the funds remaining have been ear marked for a special project that will link the old hospital with the new, as our final gift to the hospital.

We thank everyone in Bracknell, Ascot and area's beyond, for their support over the 61 years, approx. £475,194 having been raised during that time.

David Smith On Behalf of the League of Friends Heatherwood Hospital.

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League of Friends Heatherwood Hospital

Our web site is here to share our achievements and recognize the contribution of the volunteers and many different community groups businesses and hospital staff who in their own way helped Heatherwood to develop and truly maintain it's status, as the heart of the community in Ascot.

The League carried out it's charity work at Heatherwood from 1958 - 2019. It was registered as a charity in 1990 ( 900282 ).

In 2019 the league had clocked up 61 years of voluntary support for Heatherwood hospital.

The League each year raised funds for the hospital, along with income from our investments, we were able to allocate gifts of medical equipment, or offer monetary support for patient/staff projects.

The league spearheaded the fundraising campaign in the sixties to build a chapel on the hospital site,and with the help of the community it became a reality. This was just one of the many good deeds provided by the volunteers.

Over 472 projects were funded by the league to the tune of over £475,194,000

The good deeds of the league, live on with the maintaining of this web site. If you have any stories or memorabilia which could be displayed on these pages,Please contact the webmaster,who will assist.

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