Heatherwood Hospital 1922-2023

League of Friends Trolley Shop Service

Established in 1972

The league thanks all those volunteers over the past 38 years who gave sterling service and raised money for many different gifts and services.

The League of Friends trolley shop was started in 1972, by Mrs May Ettridge with the help of her husband. It cost £126.52 to set up the trolley in 1972. Over the next 38 years it had raised over £25,000 towards the many gifts donated to Heatherwood hospital.


The founding members of the trolley shop were all working in the leagues sterile dressing packs operation. This was twelve ladies who a couple of hours a week would produce sterile packs for wards. This started in 1962 and concluded in 1972 when the hospital built it's own CSSD department as part of the new maternity wing.

In 2007 congratulations are in order as the trolley shop clocked up 35 years service to the patients and staff of Heatherwood hospital. A tribute to the past and present volunteers who had worked on the trolley shop.

February 2010


Trolley shop Closes


Over the last six months the trolley shop managers had been keeping a close eye on takings since the closure of services and

Changes made by the hospital management which included closing wards,denied access to a viable customer base.

The trolley shop which operates Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays wasn't taking enough money to cover the cost of the volunteers to get here.

It's had a good run but the managers have decided to close the shop and the last planned sales was February 26th.

Not only is this a sad way for them to bow out it means 25 volunteers on the trolley are now no longer required.

It's a sad day for the league as it loses one of it's most valued services and volunteers.

The trolley shop catered for the main needs of members of the public who had been hospitalized. The trolley shop sold a variety of goods: essential toiletries, sweets and chocolates, soft drinks, stationery, stamps, batteries and much much more. On the trolley shop; space had to be used wisely and also we must remember, it could get too heavy to push around. Proceeds from the sale of goods, swelled the funds of the League of Friends.

The trolley shop had an average of 25 volunteers ensuring the service continued on the wards each week; come rain or shine.


We take our hats off to all the volunteers of the league of friends trolley shop, 1972 to 2010.


The managers who steered the trolley:May Ettridge, Marion Rathbone, Sheila Hare, Pauline Richardson, Glenys Turner

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