Heatherwood Hospital 1922-2023

Chapel of St Luke Heatherwood

Story Behind The Heatherwood Hospital Chapel

The Chapel of St Luke Heatherwood Hospital was funded by the league of friends. It was built to be used by all denominations and today stands as a beacon to the hard work and effort of the league and local fund raising groups. The fundraising for this was officially launched at the Fete in 1960. In February 1965 the foundation stone was laid by Major General David Dawney.

On the 7th June 1966 the chapel was officially dedicated by the bishop of Reading Rt Rev Eric Knell.

The chapel pictures on this web page were taken in December 2001. May Ettridge picture 1985 - Roy Ryman Pictures 1998.

Chapel of St Luke 2001



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Press Report from 1966


“Eight years of planning, fund raising and hard work reached their fulfilment on Tuesday when the chapel built by the League of Friends of Heatherwood Hospital, Ascot was officially opened.

The dedication ceremony was performed by the Rt Rev Eric Knell Bishop of Reading and the Rev G Mann Secretary to the hospital Chaplaincy board of the free church federal council. Afterwards the chapel was officially handed over by the queens cousin, the Hon Gerald Lascelles president of the League of Friends, to the Windsor Hospital Group Management Committee.

The Chapel was built in a quiet corner of the grounds of Heatherwood to cater for the spiritual needs of patients and staff, cost over £7000. The League has already raised over £6000 from various fund raising functions, and has a debt of some £1,100 still to pay off. Employee's of Oakleigh Animal Products Ascot made a contribution of £1200.

It was a dream of the former Matron of Heatherwood Miss Doris Howes, to build a hospital chapel. A dream which began to be translated into reality one day in 1958 when Mr John Coxwell Chairman of the then recently formed League of Friends of Heatherwood Hospital, looked over Miss Howes shoulder and read on her list of wants a chapel for the hospital. From then on the league whose aim is to supply for staff, amenities not provided under the National health scheme and to give personal service, went into action.”


Press Report from 1970
Window Dedicated

The dedication this week of a stained glass window and a Glastonbury chair at Ascot's Heatherwood Hospital Chapel was a big event for Ascot Rotary Club.

The window is in memory of Clarence Hall,a past president of Ascot Rotary Club and former chairman of Rotary district 109 who died at Heatherwood Hospital.

The dedication service was conducted by the Rev David Evans vicar of Sunningdale Church where Mr hall was a lay reader.

The vicar is himself a Rotarian and the chapel dedicated over five years ago,was built by the hospital's League of Friends which was launched by the Ascot Rotary club in 1958.

Evening Post November 1970


St Luke's Chapel 2001

A walk round the chapel today reveals additional plaques have been added since the official opening.

In Grateful Memory of Richard Towsend Ahern Surgeon 1948-1966 was added to right hand wall close to altar.

In Memory of founder Chairman of the League Mr John Coxwell a plaque was added to the left hand internal wall close to the altar. The following press article was published at the time.

The league of friends decided in August 1989 to add a plaque to the external wall of the chapel to show it's contribution to the passing visitors.

In Memory of Doreen Burgess Fondly Known as Sister B. 28.11.22 - 18.1.99. located by the stained glass window.

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Facebook Message May 2018


Anisah Taylor Writes:-


Hello there! A random message but one you might quite like. I was visiting the chapel on a morning before work. I work very close to Heatherwood Hospital. It was a beautiful sunny morning and just decided to pop in the chapel to have a look. Firstly, I thought the stained glass window was so beautiful, it was casting some lovely light into the room. I took some photos, just for my own record. I went away, and had another look at them, and what I feel I can see is a beautiful image of a dancer, a ballerina? Or perhaps an angel! It is just the way the light was cast in the room, but just thought I would ask about it! Is this intentional? I just thought it was special, I will send them on... With love xxx (the chapel is beautiful!!) xxx


League Reply


Hi Anisah thankyou for your pictures I'm not aware of this before so can't comment on the intention. Fyi The chapel will be demolished in this revamp of the site,Once again thanks for sharing i will add them to the chapel page on the league of friends website  
Peter Davidson smith web master

Chapel Future


The chapel is destined to be demolished, once the new hospital is built. New homes are to be built on the old hospital site as it has been sold for residential development.

  Despite early assurances from trust management, when the idea of developing Heatherwood was first promoted, chapel would be safe?. This is the last of the league of friends physical assets,once this has gone no record of the league ever existing at the site is swept away.

St Luke's Chapel 2016 Video

The league of friends treasurer captured video of the chapel during his walk round in 2016.


Chapel Demolished February 2023

The league of friends chapel was demolished during the month of February.Image 15 shows the aftermath.


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